Regional Economic Communities

A business and community paradigm which is viable in the long-term – a concept worth living

Concluding remarks and acknowledgements

of Anna-Lisa Schmalz…

This concept was inspired by many ideas, which found their various ways to me through books, via the internet and in personal conversations.

Special thanks are due to Helmut Creutz, Bernard Lietaer, Reinhard Deutsch, Wolfgang Berger, Bernd Senf and Geseko von Lüpke, whose texts helped me to understand how money functions. Martin Schmidt-Bredow, Lutz Jaitner and Helmut Krause provided valuable tips and impulses in the informative discussions which assisted the birth of the market community concepts. The ideas of Christian Gelleri („Chiemgauer“) and my active role in the extended management group of the Amper-Taler Regio eV (complementary currency in Dachau) helped me to understand regional currencies in action.

Working together with Tom Jäger, Ulrich Frey, Werner Roth, Lutz Dziarnowski and Klaus Kofler gave me the opportunity to learn about sustainability and long-term viability. The texts of Rob Hopkins and my involvement with the Transition Town Initiative which he founded gave me important insights into viability and resilience.

Franz Galler and Norbert Rost provided me the first clues on combining companies and complementary currencies. The "Regionalwert AG" of Chrstian Hiß in Freiburg showed me how a company can be structured to combine active citizen participation and professional, sustainable business practice. The discussions with Willehad Zumbrägel helped me to finally put the pieces of the puzzle together which I had been working with for months.

My special thanks goes to my ex-husband Tim Reeves, who first put me on track to delve into the topics of money, sustainability and transition.

of Tim Reeves…

This concept was indeed mainly the work of my ex-wife, to whom I express my deepest gratitude – on behalf of all beings on this planet. It was most inspiring and fulfilling to sit with her at the kitchen table and share the both academic and passionate discussions which helped to get over some of the "sticky points", and find solutions which are both practical and spiritual.

In August 2011 I took up the questions of money construction, liquidity and money reform and reworked and extended the concept in these respects. My heartfelt thanks for the books and discussions which provided me with the neccessary input go to Helmut Creutz, Thomas H. Greco Jr., Leander Bindewald, Mark Burton and Josh Ryan-Collins. In January 2012 I removed the idea of demurrage on negative account balances, which would penalise the creation of currency; and added the terms "creation balance" and "entitlement balance" to help us move away from the misnomer of "credit".

We do not view this concept as our property, but as a freely accessible source of inspiration under the Creative Commons CC-BY license. If the concept or larger parts of it are copied, we wish to be named as the authors. We hope that indeed many people will be inspired to take action of their own, and will be glad of any feedback, especially on implementations based on the concept.

If you have any questions or feedback, we will be glad to receive your call or email. Here are our contact details and form.

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