Regional Economic Communities

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Profit distribution

The surplus generated with the investments from the members can be reinvested by the CPO or distributed among the holders of the joint-ownership certificates.

The distribution of surplus can be performed on a per person or per certificate basis. It may be paid out in the national currency or in the complementary currency Groks of the Market Community.

If the surplus is paid out per person and not per certificate, then this corresponds to an unconditional basic income for those citizens which have participated in the CPO with at least one (fully paid) certificate.

Possibilities for profit distribution
Possibilities for profit distribution

The distribution per person creates an incentive that as many citizens as possible participate in the community through at least one certificate and contribute to the common good through their active engagement.

On the other hand, this regulation may deter investors who otherwise might have made a bigger amount of capital available to the community.

The General Meeting of the CPO decides how the surplus is to be used.

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