Regional Economic Communities

A business and community paradigm which is viable in the long-term – a concept worth living

Structure of a Regional Economic Community

Achievement of the previously mentioned goals is attained through a Regional Economic Community, which consists of a Community of Participation and Ownership (CPO) in combination with a Market Community.

The Community of Participation and Ownership aims to spread ownership of local businesses to as many local citizens as possible, whereby the businesses will be run in an increasingly sustainable (and transparent) manner by qualified manageresses. Private and institutional investors, preferably from the region, can become joint-owners in these companies by acquiring corresponding certificates of the CPO – either by purchase using national or complementary currency, or by contribution in kind or services.

The Market Community uses a complementary currency to boost regional economic cycles. It enables the private and commercial exchange goods as well as professional and neighbourly services, without being dependent on money provided by the state. The trades are remunerated in the market currency Grok. The same laws and tax rules which apply to conventional purchases also apply to such trades.

Euro-Area and Grok-Area
CPO and Market Community
The CPO and the Market Community complement one another

The deposition of value titles underpins the value of the complementary currency. One type of value deposit is the "joint-ownership certificates" of the CPO, so the complementary currency is in part value-linked to the sustainably operated assets. The possibility made available through the market community, of exchanging goods and services without money provided by the state, again encourages the companies to do business in a more long-term viable way.

Tausch- und Teilhabergemeinschaft
The Market Community is founded on the CPO

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