Regional Economic Communities

A business and community paradigm which is viable in the long-term – a concept worth living

Why participate?


The Regional Economic Community offers businesswomen the possibility to

  • orientate their business towards a long-term viable way of operating,
  • make investments which would otherwise not be possible,
  • found or take over a company without any private capital,
  • use less capital provided by others,
  • find a successor for a business,
  • to participate in a regional economic cycle using interest-free money.

Private and institutional investors

  • put their money into sustainably operated assets, and
  • can observe the effects of their invested money in detail.

Self-employed people

  • can charge for their wares or services in Groks combined with pounds or dollars and
  • thus find new clients in the region.

Employees and contractors of companies

  • can acquire certificates of the CPO through their work and
  • can extend their Grok credit limits by depositing them, if they wish.

The citizens

  • gain an insight into the long-term viability and thus the sustainability of the companies,
  • get an income in Groks for rendering neighbourly help,
  • profit from the regional development and securing of basic supplies within the region,
  • gain access to a platform for founding communal projects, e.g. housing development.

The local authority

  • can transfer some of its projects to a social cooperative,
  • thus strengthening the citizen's sense of their own responsibility,
  • takes part in the interest-free payment of services,
  • supports the regional economic structure.

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