Regional Economic Communities

A business and community paradigm which is viable in the long-term – a concept worth living

Founding a company

A newly trained craftswoman would like to set up her own business, however she does not have the necessary financial resources to do this, nor enough securities to receive a loan from a bank.

Since she is open to a long-term viable way of doing business, she comes into contact with the Regional Economic Community. The Regional Economic Community has its own surplus to reinvest, and it finds additional private and corporate sponsors in the region who would like to invest in a new long-term viable business and/or an existing business which is to be handed over.

The young craftswoman runs the business as the chief executive for an unlimited amount of time – she and her employees do not have to worry that their contracts may be terminated so that the business can be sold for a profit. She has a strong community on her side, which will actively support her also in times of crises, because it is in everyone's interest that the business can also run well in the future. The community provides advice and accompanies her while she starts up as self-employed, with the focus being on long-term viability.

The new business is not dependent on the development of interest rates on the pound or dollar market, because it does not have to pay back any loans.

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