Regional Economic Communities

A business and community paradigm which is viable in the long-term – a concept worth living

The Market Community

Building in part on the joint-ownership certificates of the CPO a market community is founded, whose currency unit is called the Grok. This is an interest-free user-emitted and secured currency. The Groks value is independent of any other currency; it has been designed to be completely trustworthy.

The market community is intentionally designed to be appropriate for participants from all levels of the economy. It is a trade exchange system for private individuals, a showcase for professionals and a barter ring for companies, all under one roof – allowing all categories of economic participants to interact directly with each other, rather than just a particular subset.

Mission and Goals

The goals of the market community are

  • to become more independent of national currencies (e.g. pound, dollar)
    and their associated inflation
  • to provide a market and currency shared by all economic participants
  • to protect the environment through regional economic cycles
  • to meet needs which otherwise could not be met due to lack of money
  • to encourage the trial of offers beyond the regular job market
  • to achieve a balanced give and take between the participants
  • to further trust, tolerance and cooperation between the participants
  • to promote community spirit and orientation to the common good by bringing people together in regular meetings and community-building events which are specifically designed to this end.

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