Regional Economic Communities

A business and community paradigm which is viable in the long-term – a concept worth living


The concept is intended to serve as a basis for discussion. It can be used whole or in part to found regional economic communities. It may be developed further and modified, and should not be seen as a rigid framework which can only be put into practice in the way described and no other.

At some points, the concept requires re-thinks of the readers which might seem like too much to ask from a person. We know well from personal experience that this may unintentionally trigger pre-existing negative associations. We ask our readers to see this as a positive sign and as an invitation to dismantle belief-patterns of enmity and dissolve the associated negative images.

Since we have named only men in the acknowledgements, we use the female form where both men and women are meant in the following text, to improve the balance – and because it describes the concepts of a feminine mentality which we so desperately need.

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