Regional Economic Communities

A business and community paradigm which is viable in the long-term – a concept worth living

Institutions of the CPO

The Community of Participation and Ownership is run by the following bodies:

Institutions of the CPO
Institutions of the CPO

General Meeting

The general meeting consists of all those members who hold joint-ownership certificates of the CPO with the entitlement to vote. The members are informed via the website and via e-mail about the latest developments of the CPO. General meetings are held as necessary, at least once a year. Every member has one vote.

The general meeting takes decisions on the following matters:

  • which criteria of long-term viability the companies which the community has participated in have to account for
  • on raising more capital through new joint-ownership certificates
  • on re-investment versus distribution of the surplus

Meeting of Entrepreneurs

The meeting of entrepreneurs is for communication and the building up of networks between the companies of the CPO. Synergies and common interests can be discovered here. Cooperation between the companies may lead to economic savings and contribute to the solution of current issues.

Council of Representatives

The council of representatives consists of an odd number of natural persons – at least three and a maximum of twenty-one. The rounded up half of the council members are elected by the general meeting, the remainder at the meeting of entrepreneurs.

All members of the council of representatives have to hold at least one joint-ownership certificate with the entitlement to vote. They are elected for a term of five years each. Should a member resign from the council early, a by-election takes place at the next respective meeting.

The work carried out as a member of the council of representatives is paid appropriately depending on its extent. The amounts paid can be viewed by those members of the CPO which have the entitlement to vote.

The council of representatives assists the executive with advice and controls its work. It reports to the general meeting on this.

The council of representatives may call an extraordinary general meeting if necessary.

The Executive

The Executive is the management instance of the Community of Participation and Ownership. Its members are appointed and recalled by the Council of Representatives.

Members of the Executive Committee are paid appropriately for their work. The Council of Representatives decides how much this should be, and in which ways it is paid.

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