Regional Economic Communities

A business and community paradigm which is viable in the long-term – a concept worth living

The Marketplace and trade accounts

The Marketplace

Every market participant can post advertisements for what they have to offer and also what they are looking for, which are published within the community on the internet. Advertisements are tied to a trade account. The marking of the account as either private or business type makes it clear whether it is a professional offer, for which also an invoice is to be provided by the person or firm offering it, or whether it is private neighbourly help without warranty.

Trade accounts

There are private and business accounts. Every natural person of at least 14 years of age is eligible for a private account. Companies and participants which offer commercial or professional (normally taxable) services receive a business account. Self-employed people may thus have both a private and a business account.

The trading currency is the Grok, and each account starts with a balance of zero. It is marked as being of private or business type in a way which is visible to all participants.

Although there is no conceptual necessity, practical considerations suggest that trade accounts (both adverts and Groks) be managed online via the internet, using an advertising and online-accounting software. This saves cost, allows rapid and flexible modification, and gives its users full and instant control of their adverts and accounts. Access to a computer with internet (or the services of someone who has) is a prerequisite in this case.

Private accounts with a Grok creation facility take part in the distribution of surplus of the CPO, if it is decided that there should be one.

A trade account may, upon application, be suspended for a limited amount of time if there is a good reason (for example a prolonged illness). During this time no circulation safeguard fee is charged. The corresponding advertisements are no longer published.

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