Regional Economic Communities

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Register of joint-ownership certificates

The CPO maintains a register of its joint-ownership certificates. The following details are included for each certificate:

  • whether it comes with the entitlement to vote or not
  • to whom it belongs
  • whether it is fully paid-up or if not, what fraction has been paid
  • whether it has been deposited for a Grok creation facility on the account of a market participant, and if so, in whose favour.

As detailed in the section about the Market Community, depositing joint-ownership certificates is one of the various methods to acquire a Grok creation facility for a trade account. Deposited certificates can be personal property or assigned from a guarantor.

Joint-ownership certificates deposited for a trade account may not be transferred to another owner. Exception: The owner of an account may buy the certificates which a guarantor has deposited in her favour. The decision for the purchase is made by the two parties involved.

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