Regional Economic Communities

A business and community paradigm which is viable in the long-term – a concept worth living

A sustainable way of doing business

A Regional Economic Community orients itself equally to economic as well as social, ethical and ecological values. Economic action for example should take the global view into consideration, support the social life of the community, set off learning processes and be ecologically sound. All human beings, those currently alive as well as future generations, benefit from this way of performing economic activity, in the form of a higher quality of life.

A Regional Economic Community adopts a predominantly feminine way of thinking: The reasons leading to important decisions should be communicated clearly, so that others can understand the logic and contribute their own insights and doubts, as appropriate. This in turn allows each worker / participant to fulfill their role responsibly – no one should be able to say “I knew better, but I had to follow orders”. The intelligence and creativity of all involved is needed in order to achieve the maximum potential of sustainable products and manufacturing methods. Further, since all are now involved in having ideas and reaching decisions, no individual need suffer from burn-out. This principle of transparent justification of decisions applies within and between companies, and extends to the general public (or at least to all members of the CPO).

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