Regional Economic Communities

A business and community paradigm which is viable in the long-term – a concept worth living

Why we need Regional Economic Communities

The egocentric world-view is not viable in the long term, because its picture of the world is incorrect. This is because the basis of ones own life is shared with and made by countless other beings, or in the case of resources there is only a finite amount available. The egocentric view ignores these facts. It demands more than would be sustainably possible and thus destroys its own basis for life. We don't need to look far to be able to see that humanity is moving fast towards such a fate.

The only attitude which is able to survive in the long term is that which puts the well-being of the community of all beings on this planet foremost, actively cares for them and takes responsibility for this goal.

A global way of thinking leads to local action. The Regional Economic Community was devised to put these insights into practice without having to work and wait for a political process. It consists of a Community of Participation and Ownership (CPO) and a market community which builds upon the assets of the CPO. It invites all the citizens within the region to step back fully into personal responsibility, in both economic and interpersonal respects, and provides the tools required to do so.

Each economic community is focussed within a particular region, in order to strengthen the interpersonal community there, keep transport routes short and aid the independence from global imponderabilities. Sustainability and Long-Term Viability have been the basis for the development of the concepts presented here – in order to guarantee and fairly distribute our common basis of life.

The decisions made by the citizens participating in the economic community have an immediate effect on their economic welfare, as well as on their immediate social and ecological environment. Furthermore, by helping people to act with more personal responsibility we lighten the load of other regions of the planet, because we are less dependent on their resources. Thus a free and fair global trade can develop.

A learning process begins, which contributes more and more towards economic activities and a way of living together which are viable for the future.

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