Regional Economic Communities

A business and community paradigm which is viable in the long-term – a concept worth living

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Welcome Regional Economic Communities
What they're for The intention for Regional Economic Communities
Why we need them The egocentric world-view is not long-term viable
The Big Picture The Regional Economic Community at a glance
Concept in detail Regional Economic Communities: The whole concept
Preliminaries Before we get into the details...
Terminology Explanation of some of the important terms used
Region The term Region
Sustainability The term Sustainability
Long-term Viability The idea of Long-term Viability
Market The term Market
Money functions What you can do with money
Complementary Currency The term Complementary Currency
Concept and Coops Suggested terminolgy for Concept and Coops
Introduction Introducing the idea of the Regional Economic Community
Conventional economics How business is mostly done nowadays
Cooperative economics A sustainable way of doing business
The Goals Goals of a Regional Economic Community
The Structure Structure of a Regional Economic Community
The CPO About the Community of Participation and Ownership
Mission and Goals Mission and Goals of the Community of Participation and Ownership
Funding Funding of the Community of Participation and Ownership
Profit distribution Distribution of Profits by the Community of Participation and Ownership
Shareholders Shareholder-Register of the Community of Participation and Ownership
Ownership Duration Duration of company (co-) ownership by the CPO
Institutions Institutions of the Community of Participation and Ownership
Companies Companies owned by the Community of Participation and Ownership
Staff Payment Paying the staff which run the Community of Participation and Ownership
Market Community About the Market Community
Mission and Goals Mission and Goals of the Market Community
Marketplace and Accounts The Marketplace and trade accounts
Market trading Trading within the Market Community
The Origin of Groks Explanation of how Groks come into existence
The Grok trade currency The Grok - the market currency unit
Providing Grok Liquidity Ensuring sufficient liquidity and depositing securities for Grok creation facilities
More about the Grok Some further aspects of the Grok
Commercial credit clearing Using the Grok for commercial-scale credit clearing
Institutions Institutions of the Market Community
Membership Membership in the Market Community
Fees due The scale of fees in the Market Community
Scenarios Scenarios of an expanding Regional Economic Community
Founding a company Scenario of founding a company
Transfer of ownership Scenario for the transfer of company ownership
Indebted companies Scenario of a heavily indebted company
Municipal functions Local authorities as investors for municipal functions
Why participate? Good reasons to join in the Regional Economic Community
Legal forms The preferred and alternative legal forms
Cooperative A Regional Economic Community as a Cooperative
Alternatives Alternative legal forms for a Regional Economic Community
Starting up Steps to founding a Regional Economic Community
Further Sources Literature, Films and Web-Links
Sustainability Further sources on long-term viability and sustainability
Monetary systems Further sources on monetary systems
Concluding remarks Concluding remarks and acknowledgements
The Authors The authors of the concept for Regional Economic Communities
FAQ Answers to frequently put questions
General questions General questions
The CPO Questions about the Community of Participation and Ownership
Market Community Questions about the Market Community
Currency More about the Grok and fiat money
Grok theory The Grok explained in alternative currency theory
Legal tender and Grok On national currencies and a comparison with the Grok
Fiat money Shortcomings of fiat money and some resultant problems
The bidding of the many On democracy, market economies and capitalism
Infothek Further information on Regional Economic Communities
Resources View or Download all Concept-Versions and Flyer
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Reflections Tim Reeves on the essence, principles, nature und activities of Regional Economic Communities
Manifesto for ReeComms A suggested manifesto for individual Regional Economic Communities
Guts · Heart · Mind On the essence and focus of Regional Economic Communities
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