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Fees applied in the Market Community

The work carried out for the administration and organisation of the market community is remunerated. To this end fees are charged, the amount and usage of which is decided by the General Meeting. The fees have to be made at least so high that the expected amount of work needed for administration and organisation can be remunerated. The amount of work estimated for the following year is presented openly at the General Meeting.

Beyond the remuneration of the work groups, the fees may also be used for hosting events, supporting social projects or for financing an unconditional basic income for the market participants.

Since the circulation safeguard fee is an integral part of the complementary currency system and pivotal in its conception, the General Meeting may change its amount, but not abolish it entirely. Additionally, a registration fee in pounds or dollars and/or an annual membership fee in pounds / dollars or Groks may be charged. A fee for granting and changing the credit range is also conceivable.

You may however find that the fairest way to levy fees is a transaction fee. (The Coop in Munich voted for 1.5% per transaction, payable as an extra booking and charged to the person purchasing the goods or services. Thus it is easy to sum these costs, as will be required for tax deduction purposes by users of business accounts). The reasoning for preferring a fairly high transaction fee is that those who can afford to spend more currency can also afford to contribute more to the community.

Fees in the Market Community, and their uses
Fees in the market community, and their uses

If an annual membership fee is charged, then this may also be settled through active work for the market community. There are several ways to do this: Tasks which may arise at events (putting up tables and chairs, errands, selling drinks, etc.), work in one of the groups (administration, organisation), maintaining the online-accounting software, etc. For certain tasks, e.g. the maintenance of the software, the possession of adequate skills will be a prerequisite.

Fees paid in Groks are not withdrawn from circulation, since the (final) recipients are also active members of the community.

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